Kelley Swindall Discusses Her Conservative Upbringing and More

Americana musician Kelley Swindall has a new album releasing Sept. 18. She joined Tim on this episode of Freedom Sings: Musicians Talk Activism & Social Change. The daughter of late Republican U.S. Rep. from Georgia Pat Swindall, Kelley gives us a look at being born into the South’s conservative shift to the GOP in the 1980s and discusses some of her ongoing work with the nonprofit Art of Elysium. Tune in to hear all of that plus Kelley playing and singing a song! Be sure to subscribe to the Crimson Clover Creative YouTube channel, too.

Isolde Fair Wants to “Rise”

Multi-talented multi-instrumentalist and singer Isolde Fair has a new single called “Rise” that is an inspiring message to everyone, but especially to those in the young star’s generation. We take a look at the video for “Rise” and Fair sings the song on the show, too. In addition, we get a listen to her violin skills with a hauntingly beautiful song that she plays on this episode of Freedom Sings: Musicians Talk Activism & Social Change. We invite you to check out the show now, and keep your eye on this young talent as she continues to, um, rise!

Aaron Nigel Smith Talks Portland and “I Can’t Breathe”

Many know Aaron Nigel Smith because of his work in songs for kids. The talented musician and singer has several children’s albums, including a new one just released. But in 2019, he released his first solo reggae album, which went straight to No. 1 on the Billboard Reggae chart. Smith lives in Portland, which has been a city besieged by Federal stormtroopers who targeted protestors there after the Memorial Day murder of George Floyd in Minnesota. Smith talks about living in Portland, his music, and plays his new song, “I Can’t Breathe,” which is a direct response to the Floyd murder.

Gangstagrass With Some Real Talk on Freedom Sings

The bluegrass/hip-hop band Gangstagrass has a brand-new album, and band members Danjo and R-SON talked to Tim about the album, their music, and some of what’s happening in the world right now. You don’t want to miss what the band had to say on an array of topics, and you definitely don’t want to miss R-SON with his freestyle rap. Check out this show now, and be sure to subscribe to the Crimson Clover Creative YouTube channel to stay on top of future episodes of Freedom Sings: Musicians Talk Activism & Social Change.

Clint Alphin Is “Talkin’ Socrates Blues” on Freedom Sings

In the realm of “talkin’ blues” songs, Americana/folk musician Clint Alphin uses ancient Greek philosopher Socrates as the launching point for his new single and corresponding animated video. In addition to discussing the song, Folk Alliance International, and a bit about musicians’ right to speak their minds on any topic—which is why we launched Freedom Sings: Musicians Talk Activism & Social Change—Alphin plays a wonderful new song for us slated to be on an upcoming album. Check out the show right here!

Ava Della Pietra Discusses Optimism

Young pop (we thing soon to be) sensation Ava Della Pietra is using her voice, quite literally, to let us know that she’s an “Optimist” and you should be, too. Tim talks to Ava about her pop single “Optimist” and what’s important to her generation moving forward. The talented musician also plays a couple songs, one on guitar and one on the ukulele. Look for more music from Della Pietra in the not-too-distant future, but for now, you can get a taste of her music right here on this episode of Freedom Sings: Musicians Talk Activism & Social Change.

Freedom Sings Features Michael McDermott

Longtime musician Michael McDermott has a new album called What in the World that, in addition to the very pertinent title track, is filled with wonderful songs. Michael joins Tim in an array of topics ranging from Stephen King, Donald Trump, suicide, and why keeping a pencil in your teeth for two minutes can make you happier.

Check out the show here!

Charlie Overbey Talks About the Navajo

Americana singer/songwriter Charlie Overbey is also a hat maker who owns Lone Hawk Hats. He has used his musical connections and his hats to raise more than $100,000 for the Navajo Nation, which has been ravaged by COVID-19. On this episode of Freedom Sings: Musicians Talk Activism & Social Change, Tim talks to the Southern California singer about his work with the Navajo and his music. Enjoy the show!

Scott Cook Featured on Freedom Sings

Musician Scott Cook, who holds dual Canadian and U.S. citizenships, talks to Tim from Alberta, plays a song, and offers insights into current affairs from an international perspective.

Check out this conversation between Scott and Tim on this episode of Freedom Sings: Musicians Talk Activism & Social Change.

New YouTube Series Featuring Musicians

Tim started hosting a new YouTube series called Freedom Sings: Musicians Talk Activism & Social Change, with the first guest being Reed Watson, who is part of the ownership of Single Lock Records in Florence, Ala., and a drummer for several acts including Speckled Bird, which now has a brand-new EP.

Among other topics discussed is Project Say Something and its efforts to move the Confederate monument from the Lauderdale County Courthouse grounds to the Soldiers’ Rest area of the Florence City Cemetery.

Watch the the new show here, and please subscribe to our new YouTube channel!